• No fear of wind and rain, 3H HARDWARE sealing strips will keep a quiet room for you

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    • Time: 2023-02-20
  • No fear of wind and rain, 3H HARDWARE sealing strips will keep a quiet room for you


    3H HARDWARE EPDM Composite Sealing Strip,

    Eliminate the troubles of air and water leakage from doors and windows.

    Let you enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window at home,

    Enjoy the quiet!


    High-quality raw materials are selected, with good elasticity and compression deformation resistance, excellent ozone resistance, weather aging resistance, chemical stability resistance, electrical insulation performance, etc.

    Seiko ingenious design, 90-degree bending will not wrinkle, and the air-tightness is stronger.


    Good rain knows the season, good doors and windows know good rubber strips.

    The rubber strips play a big role. Choose 3H HARDWARE sealing strips to ensure the high-quality water-tightness, air-tightness, and wind pressure resistance of the door and window system; give full play to the sound insulation, dust-proof, and energy-saving functions of the door and window system.

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