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  • How to Choose Door Handle Aluminium Rollers Suppliers-3H Inc.

    How to Choose Door Handle Aluminium Rollers Suppliers-3H Inc.More >

    Category handle many types of building materials on the market, the price band is very wide, a little doorknob difference in what? The price gap mainly on two points: First, the brand, the second is modeling. The credibility of the brand, quality and support reputation, famous brand, quality and of course, excellent. European and American imports doorknob higher prices, in general, than the spherical shaped door handle expensive; on the other hand, feel better, finish higher, the higher the price.
    First, the shape of the wonderful door handle
    Popular designs, animal prints, flag pattern shape, etc., are likely to be drawn from the shape of the handle element. Apart outside their functionality, but also a little humorous intent, doorknobs changing shape, classical style, Chinese style are subject to the consumers.
    Second, how to choose door handles

  • Residential Window Stays-Aluminium Rollers Suppliers-3H Inc.

    Residential Window Stays-Aluminium Rollers Suppliers-3H Inc.More >

    The advantage of residential window stays:
    1,Manufactured from 304 excellent stainless steel.
    2,Comply with JG/T127-2007 standards.
    3,Easily adjust the opening angle by joints.
    4,Works well after overloading tests of 50000 times.
    5,Special-designed flexing resistance patent, professional manufacturing technique.
    6,The product recommended by the window accessories committee of construction department.
    7,Suitable for aluminum & UPVC.
    8,Easy to install
    9,Polished surface for smoother operation and easy to clean.

  • Hardware Accessories Selection Trends-Aluminium Rollers Suppliers

    Hardware Accessories Selection Trends-Aluminium Rollers SuppliersMore >

    Hardware accessories products such as furniture and cabinets are very important key, he can decide to furniture or cabinetry function and service life. Home Hardware emphasize its mechanical properties, rust, moisture resistance, the movable member of stamina performance quality.
    Hardware classified as: decorative hardware and functional hardware
    Decorative Hardware: Furniture handle, aluminum door frames, cabinets, baseboards and other decorative accessories
    1, hardware accessories functional applications diversified, high-tech
    With cabinet design diversified trend, high-tech hardware has been applied. Damping Quiet technology will be popularized in addition to hardware drawer, for example, hinges, door hardware. Nearly two years to develop the two power hinges, hinge cup into steel or alloy, not only eliminates the risk of the outer spring dumpling chain breakable wounding, and can at any time stop, operating life may be more than 10 million times.

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