• 3H INC.,Joins Hands with Dow™ to Achieve Win-Win Cooperation

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    • Time: 2020-06-22
  • 3H INC.,Joins Hands with Dow™  to Achieve Win-Win Cooperation


    3H INC. Shenzhen Branch (Shenzhen Oaks Trading Co., Ltd.) has reached a cooperation relationship with Dow™, a world-renowned enterprise, selling the silicone sealant of the DOWSIL™ brand in the domestic market to provide customers with better quality and more systematic solution.


    DOWSIL™ silicone sealant products have the characteristics of durability, protection, anti-pollution, safety, fire protection, etc., not only can meet the design needs of building safety, energy saving, environmental protection, etc., but also extend the life of the building .

    With the extensive domestic sales network and good service of 3H, at present, DOWSIL™ silicone sealant has successfully entered into many well-known real estate projects, key projects and landmark projects in China, such as Guangzhou Kaidal Hub International Plaza, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Guangzhou Tower (Xiaoman Yao), Shenzhen Tianan Cloud Valley, Shenzhen Hualian City Center, Shenzhen Vanke Cloud City, Zhuhai Lixin Arts and Cultural Creation World, etc.


    -- Guangzhou Kaidal Hub International Plaza


    -- Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge


    --Guangzhou Tower (Xiaoman Yao)


    --Shenzhen Tianan Cloud Valley


    --Shenzhen Hualian City Center


    -- Shenzhen Vanke Cloud City


    --Zhuhai Lixin Arts and Cultural Creation World

    3H has always adhered to the "win-win cooperation and harmonious development" business approach. After cooperating with Dow™, 3H’s product line has been further expanded, covering door and window hardware, curtain wall hardware, sealing strips, anchoring systems, and silicon seals,glue etc.


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