• 3H Project Tour|Atlantis Sanya

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    • Time: 2020-06-06
  • 3H Project Tour|Atlantis Sanya

    "City Light · 3H Glory"   2020 Project Cases

    Every city,

    Unique charm due to unique architecture;

    Attractive building,

    Is given life because of the integration of 3H

    The project introduced today is the Atlantis Sanya.


    Atlantis Sanya is located in Haitang Bay, Sanya. It covers an area of about 540,000 square meters and costs about 11 billion yuan. It is built by more than 80 internationally renowned architectural and design institutions. It is a collection of resort hotels, entertainment, catering, Shopping, performing arts, property, international exhibition and unique marine culture experience.


    As a key supplier of the Atlantis Sanya,3H provides supporting services for the project including stainless steel glass railing posts, stainless steel glass railing handrails, and handrail accessories. The stainless steel glass railing used in this project has a neat and flat appearance, and the surface is treated with advanced sanding technology. The appearance is very modern, and it perfectly integrates with the hotel's reserved and luxurious decoration style.


    3H's stainless steel glass railings have various styles, and can provide corresponding professional door and window, curtain wall hardware system solutions according to different customers’ requirements. Most of the stainless steel materials used on the market today are mainly 201 and 304, but considering that Sanya belongs to a coastal city, the humidity and salinity in the air are relatively high, and 3H is particularly cautious and strict in the selection of product materials. The products provided by 3H for this project are made of 304 and 316 stainless steel, with high density, high strength, durability and other performance characteristics. In addition, they also have strong corrosion resistance, which can easily deal with the environmental problems such as the coastal city typhoons and humidity.



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