• 3H Project Tour|Platinum-Level Pre-Certified Cultural Tourism Project-Chongli Prince City Town

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    • Time: 2021-08-18
  • 3H Project Tour|Platinum-Level Pre-Certified Cultural Tourism Project-Chongli Prince City Town


    "City Light · 3H Glory"   2020 Project Cases

    Every city,

    Unique charm due to unique architecture;

    Attractive building,

    Is given life because of the integration of 3H

    Today, I will reveal the secret of the model of sustainable development for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics-Chongli Prince City Town.

    The Chongli Prince City Town project is located in the core area of Zhangjiakou for the 2022 Winter Olympics. It covers a total area of 2.89 square kilometers and a total construction scale of 1.34 million square meters. The development and construction content of conference center, international resort hotel group, ice and snow characteristic supporting area, ecological residential area, etc., with an estimated total investment of 25.6 billion yuan. It is the world's first cultural tourism project that has obtained the platinum level pre-certification of "LEED City: Planning and Design" .

    Chongli Prince City Town

    As a key supplier of the Chongli Prince City Town project,3H Hardware provided the project with hand-cranked chain window openers, energy-saving tilt and turn window hardware system NXC06, and outwards opening casement window hardware system for the project. Supply service, products fully meet the requirements of use performance, environmental performance, economic performance, safety performance and durability performance.

    Chongli Prince City Town 2

    Hand-Cranked Chain Window Opener

    Chongli Prince City Town 3

    •The structure is sturdy and reliable, and the opening is smooth and smooth. It is widely used in various ventilation fields.

    • The standard carbon steel nickel-plated chain belt is hard and stable, which effectively guarantees the safe and stable operation of the drive. • Flexible installation, it can be installed with mounting brackets of different heights according to the actual situation on site.

    • Widely applicable to windows such as aluminum alloy, curtain wall, plastic steel and sliding profiles, top-hung windows, bottom-hung windows, etc.

    Chongli Prince City Town 4Chongli Prince City Town 5

    Installation picture


    Tilt And Turn Window Hardware System

    • The overall design of tilt and turn window hardware system NXC06 is precise, and the components are excellent in craftsmanship.

    • The upper and lower hinge shafts are made of stainless steel 304 precision machining, which is strong and safe; the upper hinge tilt-pull swing arm adopts an integrated molding process, which effectively guarantees the strength and service life of the entire window.

    • Multi-lock point design is adopted to effectively enhance the sealing performance, wind pressure resistance and anti-theft performance of the whole window.

    Chongli Prince City Town7

    Chongli Prince City Town 6

    Installation picture


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