• 3H Project Tour|Sanya CBD-JOY-CITY

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    • Time: 2021-06-08
  • 3H Project Tour|Sanya CBD-JOY-CITY

    "City Light · 3H Glory"   2020 Project Cases

    Every city,

    Unique charm due to unique architecture;

    Attractive building,

    Is given life because of the integration of 3H


    The project case introduced for you today is Sanya CBD-JOY-CITY.

    Sanya CBD-JOY-CITY is located  at the core of Sanya's headquarters economy and central business district.It is a new urban life center integrating shopping malls, super high-rise landmark-level high-end office buildings, and international service apartments.


    Thus,in the architectural design process, the profiles and the accessories are selected and matched layer by layer,the defects are not allowed.


    As the key supplier of the Sanya Joy City project, 3H provided the project with hook-type top hung window hardware system, electric chain-type window opener, inner casement window hardware system, sealing strip and the supporting services .The products fully meets the requirements of use performance, environmental performance, economic performance, safety performance and durability.

    Electric chain-type window opener


    • The all-aluminum alloy shell, with high-precision anodized surface treatment, ensures long-term outdoor use.

    • More than 30,000 repeated opening tests.

    • With high locking force and soft closing function.

    • Internal electronic overload protection function to ensure the safety of the drive.

    • Stroke and push-pull force can be customized as required.


    Hook-type top hung window hardware system

    The surface of this project adopts a curtain wall structure. In order to meet the problems of window opening and ventilation and high-rise safety, the glass curtain wall of this project uses 3H hook-type top-hung window hardware system, which greatly improves the aesthetics and practicality of the building.


    Installation photos

    • Good ventilation: Effectively connect indoor and outdoor spaces to prevent cold wind from blowing directly to the human body. Even if it is raining, windows can be opened for ventilation, effectively preventing rainwater from entering the room.

    • Strong airtightness: The performance of the system is in line with the first-class system level, with multiple locking points around the window sash, and good airtight and heat preservation performance.

    • Good security performance: When the top-hung window is closed, it is difficult to open from the outside, and the security and anti-theft performance are good. The hanging state of the window sash does not occupy indoor space, effectively avoiding the danger of collision.

    • Applicable to European standard 20 groove aluminum profiles.


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