• 3H Recommendation |ITS106 Door Closer-Exquisite Security Door Control Butler

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    • Time: 2020-09-12
  • 3H Recommendation |ITS106 Door Closer-Exquisite Security Door Control Butler


    The door closer is an important control function of the door control hardware, and it plays a vital role in safety and fire prevention. A door closer with stable performance and complete functions can not only bring safety to people's work and life, but also greatly reduce personal and property losses caused by accidental fires.


    In today's society, commercial, residential, medical institutions and other places pay more and more attention to the perfect combination of space layout and use functions. Beautiful, simple, functional and practical architectural spaces are widely favored by the public, and hidden door closers have become the new favorite of door control products.


    1. Exquisite structure
    The ITS106 door closer has an exquisite and compact appearance. The hidden design is seamlessly embedded in wood, metal and other doors. The door body has no exposed devices, creating a more simple and beautiful use space and a comfortable and convenient traffic experience.


    2. The ITS106 door closer has a sturdy and stable structure, with an opening and closing life of up to 500,000 times. It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy precision casting and is durable. The product has passed the GA93-2004 test of the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and meets the UL228 standard and the EN1154 standard. It is widely used in fire and smoke prevention doors in hotels, residential buildings, hospitals, and commercial buildings.


    3.Superior performance
    ITS106 door closer opens softly, runs smoothly and quietly, can realize any angle positioning, and the door closing speed and locking speed can be flexibly adjusted. Product installation and subsequent maintenance are convenient and simple, and can easily solve the application requirements of various areas and various door bodies.



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