• Good news|3H was Awarded the Customs AEO Advanced Certification Enterprise

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    • Time: 2021-10-30
  • Good news|3H was Awarded the Customs AEO Advanced Certification Enterprise

    Recently, 3H has successfully integrated with the international AEO and has been awarded the customs AEO advanced certification enterprise, laying a solid foundation for further improving and strengthening the international cross-border e-commerce service market. This means that Hopewell has high credit service capabilities and qualifications, can bring customers a variety of customs clearance convenience and high-quality cross-border logistics service experience, and comprehensively empower enterprises to cross-border trade.

    What is AEO?

    AEO is the "Authorized Economic Operator", which is an important part of the World Customs Organization's "Global Trade Security and Convenience Standard Framework". The customs implements certification for companies with good law compliance, good credit status, and good safety management. , Provide customs clearance convenience for enterprises that have passed customs certification.

    The high-level certification enterprise awarded by 3H this time is the highest level in the customs enterprise credit rating. It not only enjoys convenience measures in China Customs and relevant domestic departments, but also enjoys 20 economies that have achieved AEO mutual recognition with China Customs46 Convenient customs clearance in various countries (regions).

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