• Congratulations,3H INC. Was elected Excellent Supplier of R&F Group

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    • Time: 2019-06-24
  • Congratulations,3H INC. Was elected Excellent Supplier of  R&F Group


    June 21st , 2019, the 2019 Supplier Appreciation Banquet of R&F Group was help in Chongqing.3H INC., stood out from the crowd and was elected the R&F Group 2019 Excellent Supplier ,which is depending on its excellent product technology and high-quality service.


    As the construction hardware supplier for many year in real estate industry,3H INC., is always insisted on its brand mission “Create value for construction” and take the “Win-win cooperation,harmonious development” as service attitude to cooperate with every partner.And 3H INC., is depending on its great brand reputation to win the affirmation and trust of all the partners.


    Over the years, 3H INC., and R&F Group have built a number of scientific, humanized, convenient and beautiful livable projects for customers. This award is the recognition and affirmation of long-standing innovative technology, excellent quality and perfect service.

    In 2019,3H INC.,will actively broaden the scope of cooperation, comprehensively promote the project of R&F Group, and work together to build a smart home to build a better life!

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