• FBC|China International Door and Window Curtain Wall Expo was grandly opened, and 3H Hardware shined!

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    • Time: 2019-11-06
  • FBC|China International Door and Window Curtain Wall Expo was grandly opened, and 3H Hardware shined!


    The China International Door and Window Curtain Wall Expo in November is an annual event for architecture, doors and windows, and hardware companies to talk with customers, cooperating companies, and industry media. This time, 3H is proud of the trend, grabbing the 800m2 super booth, focusing on the development of fire door and window hardware, curtain wall and door control hardware, home hardware 3 theme exhibition area. 3H Exhibition Hall is transparent and magnificent, and welcomes guests from all over the world with a broad mind. It shines on this international professional platform!


    On the first day of the FBC's launch, 3H Hardware Exhibition Hall was full of people, and it was full of excitement. With a new pattern, excellent product technology, sincere service and broad mind, the customers, industry elites and friends of the industry were full of praise. China Construction Metal Structure Association, Handan City Door and Window Curtain Wall Association, Beijing Construction Hardware Door and Window Curtain Wall Industry Association, China-EU Energy-saving Door and Window Industry Development Alliance, etc. have come to the exhibition hall to check the business opportunities.



    The exhibition hall is divided into 6 series of curtain wall door control hardware, fire door and door hardware, home hardware,UPVC hardware, aluminum alloy hardware, door and window curtain wall sealing strip, and a catering reception area to build an open communication platform for customers. Provide customers with system technology applications and overall solutions in an all-round way, allowing customers to enjoy the ultimate service experience while understanding the products.


    In recent years, the upgrading of windows and doors has gradually become the mainstream of the times. Environmental protection, energy saving and low energy consumption are the trend of the times. In order to better cater to the development of the market, 3H has not forgotten its initial intentions for many years, continuously researching customer needs, based on product innovation and upgrading, and empowering quality door and window manufacturing to provide customers with low-energy, high-quality hardware accessories!
    Very successful at the first day of the exhibition.


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