• How to Install the Door Closer of Door and Window?

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    • Time: 2018-11-09
  • The door closer is a type of hardware product often used in the door hardware accessories and window hardware accessories industry. It is mainly used to assist the closing of doors and windows. The quality of the door closer installation directly determines the automatic closing of doors and windows, so the door closers are installed. During the process, we must pay attention to some related matters. How do we install the door closers? And what to consider during the installation process?

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    Aluminum accessories supplier tells you door and window door closer installation notes:

    1. Before installing, please should be sure to look carefully at the installation instructions, and must not forget to install a plastic cover, which can be used to catch the hydraulic oil leaked from the door closer. The installation position is determined by the size of the direction, the strength of the closing force, and the installation dimensions between the door closer body, the connection seat and the door hinge.

    2. According to the requirements of the size of the closing force, the power to close the door can be changed by reversing the connecting seat by 180° or changing the connection position between the connecting rod and the connecting seat. Adjusting the distance between the connecting rod and the center line of the door hinge, the small closing force the door closer is, the greater the power is.

    3. According to the installation instructions, make sure the location of the mounting screws, then drill and tap.

    4. After fixing the installation position of the screw, install the door closer body with the screw.

    5. Install the fixed connector; then, install the driver board with the screws.

    6. Adjust the adjusting rod to 90° with the door frame, then connect the connecting rod with the drive plate; and install the plastic cover, which can be used to catch the hydraulic oil leaked from the door closer.

    7. After installation, check whether the fixing screws are tight and they must not be loose. Open the door to the maximum opening position and check that the hinge arm of the door closer collides with or rubs against the door or door frame.

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