• How to Maintain the Lock

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    • Time: 2018-01-17
  • It is all known that the lock used frequently is complicated in structure.The structure of general lock is  made of lock core,marble,spring,lock tongue,key and so on.This kind of the lock is the most commonly used one.And the materials and the structure of the lock core are explained simply as following.
    Nowadays,most of the door lock handle's lock cores are made of hard metal.And the locks used by many people in the daily life are made of copper.Copper is not easy to be rusted,and cannot be stick or adhere to the iron or other metals.The copper is hard and with good toughness,thus,it is not easy to fracture.This is why the copper is chosen as the lock core.
    There is the other advantage of copper being the lock core is not being easily oxidized.Even if the copper lock core is hanging in the opening area for a long time,it is just not easy to open.Using a few drops of lubricating oils(such as kerosene,engine oil,and the best choice is sewing machine oil) to lubricate the lock cord can let the functions of the lock being recovered as before.
    There are several small holes in the circular lock core,and the same number of the small holes of the same caliber are also drilled in the corresponding position of the lock body.Usually,the small holes in the lock core and lock body is called the pinhole.
    And the pinhole is used to lock the lock core and prevent it not be rotated easily.This structure is convenient for the lock’s application.
    And the tips for the maintaining of the locks as following.
    1.The lock core cannot be caught in the rain or water,because if the small springs in it is rusted,the lock is damaged.
    2.Don’t chain the locomotive keys together.Because when the locomotive is running,the keys wobble,and then the weight will wear the lock core out.If it lasts for a long time,the keys will be slipped out.
    3.Spray the diluted lubricating oil when the keys cannot be inserted or plumbed out easily.Don’t spray the thickened oil,or else,the keys cannot be moved.
    4.Some lock core cannot be refueled the oil,such as the lock core of dual lock.
    5.When the lock is not good to switch,please spray the lubricating oil on the lock tongue.
    6.Some gaps of the automatic lock cannot be so tighten,if must push the door by hand when open the door,the lock will be damaged easily.
    7.The door gap should not be so large that the door is easy to be pushed away or rocked.
    8.Do not open the door directly with the key,the key turns to open the lock,and if the door core does not return to the original position to open the door directly,the lock will be damaged soon.






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