• Rejecting Complexity, The Ultimate Quiet Handle--3H Advanced Handle

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    • Time: 2022-07-05
  • Rejecting Complexity, The Ultimate Quiet  Handle--3H Advanced Handle

    3h-high-end-handle 1

    The detachable handle design,more choice for us

    3h-high-end-handle 2

    JCZ47/48 window handle is suitable for aluminum alloy outwards opening screen windows used in office buildings,plaza,hotels,hospitals,etc..

    Also suitable for aluminum alloy casement windows,indoor sliding doors and curtain wall top hung windows used in office buildings,plaza,hotels,hospitals,etc..

    3h-high-end-handle 3

    The combination of the non-porous cover, the plastic holder and the new die-cast aluminum base removes the exposed design of other components in the previous base, giving an integrated visual impact.

    3h-high-end-handle 4

    The surface of this window handle is treated with black sandblasting process, which is more wear-resistant and durable.

    The window handle is comply with JG/T124-2017 related standards:

    1. Repeated opening and closing 25000 cycles

    2. For the handle with positioning function, the rotation distance of the positioning point should not be greater than 4N.m, and the torque difference between the positioning point and the non-positioning point should not be less than 0.4N.m.

    3. The handle with positioning function should not be damaged under the action of 25N.m torque, and the axis position deviation of the handle should be less than 5°.

    3h-high-end-handle 5

    Ergonomically designed, stylish and comfortable to hold.

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