• Seven Steps to Choose the Lock

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    • Time: 2018-01-22
  •   The lock is the central part of the door,and it plays the important role to protect the safety of families.Thus,how to identify the qualify of lock?The following seven steps can be helpful.
    Step one:Attention on the doors’ width
    Generally,the door with the width of the frame is less than 90mm, cannot be installed with the ball lock and the door lock handle.And if the width of the frame is between 90mm to 100mm,the ordinary ball lock with 60mm lock tongue can be chosen.And the width is more than 100mm,the lock with big cover cap or 70mm lock tongue can be used.
    Step two:Surface treatment
    Surface treatment can be roughly divided into three kinds:plating,spraying and coloring.The locks with good quality are mostly treated by electroplating.And its coating layer is fine and smooth,uniform and moderate,bright and colorful,and without bubbles and being rusted or oxidized.Besides,the lock body cannot expose the bard and hurt people easily.
    Step three:Attention on the material.
    Most materials of lock can be divided into stainless steel,copper and zinc alloy.The stainless steel is the best lock material with high strength,strong resistance of corrosion and no discoloration.Copper is more general,superior in mechanical properties but with high price.The zinc alloy in good quality is with strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance,and it’s easy to shape,thus,the zinc alloy is mostly used in the mid-grade locks.
    Tips:Identify the copper lock
    Watch:The lock made of pure copper is generally polished and frosting.And compared with the lock in copper coated,its color is dark,and it’s natural.
    Weight in hands:Weight it in hands.The pure copper lock is heavy,and the stainless steel lock is obviously lighter.
    Listen:Listen to its sound when it’s open,the sound of copper coated lock is dull,and the sound of stainless steel lock is crisp.
    Step four:Feelings
    The feeling of door lock is decided by its spring,the quality of the spring determines the service life of the door lock.When you choose and purchase,please try the toughness of the door lock spring in person.And the feeling of good spring is nice,not too soft or too hard.
    Step five:   Operative norm
    Foreign counties have a strict standards for building hardware.At present,Ministry of Light Industry has used some foreign standards to revise the previously executed GB into the QB which is the higher requirements currently.When purchase,please clarify the implementation standards of the products.
    Step six:The style of lock
    There are many styles in lock,but the lock should be consistent with the style of the door.
    Step seven:Priority to the big brands.
    How to choose the lock and door lock handle,the brand is very important.The quality guarantee of big brands is better than the small brands’.







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