• The Detailed Annotation of the Structure for the Internal Handle Door Lock(1)

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    • Time: 2018-03-20
  • The door handle lock is including five parts:handle,panel board,lock body,lock core and the accessories.
    We will introduce two of them in details in this article .
    1. Handle
    The handle is called as doorknob as well.And it can be made by the zinc alloy,copper,aluminum,stainless steel,plastic,wood,ceramics and so on.The commonly used in the market is the handle made by zinc alloy.Because of its excellent plasticity,the zinc alloy can be designed to many kinds of shapes and colors,moreover,it can be made into the special shapes.    
    When choose the handle, except the pattern which should be conformed to the design style,the electroplating technology of the handle surface should be paid attention.The good electroplating technology is including eight layers’ polishing technology and twelve layers’ electroplating technology,which is to ensure its wear-resistance and anti-corrosion.If the electroplating technology can not pass the test,the door lock will become dark and stain on the surface.The quality of the electroplating technology and the material is the main symbol to design the price of the doors.
    2. The lock panel  board of the handle
    According to thee length and the width of the panel board,the lock can be divided into the lock used on the entrance door or the one used on the room door.When purchase the lock,the panel board is an important factor as well.The different size of the door panel ,thus,we should choose the door according to the opening size of the hole on the door.And we should know the thickness of the door,normally,the thickness is 38-45mm.The special thickening door need the special lock to match with.
    The material and the thickness of the panel board are very important.The good quality the material used,which can keep the panel board from deforming.The electroplating technology can protect the panel board from being rusty and stain.



    To be continued...

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