• The Maintenance of Door Control Hardware Accessories

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    1. Requirements


    1).The hardware should be operated correctly in use, and it is forbidden to open and close crudely.

    2).Should prevent the foreign matter from entering the lock cylinder,which is affecting the opening.

    3).Should keep the hardware accessories clean,and avoid the dust being accumulated and debris being entered.

    4).Do not hang the heavy objects on the door sash or hardware to avoid the sharp objects bumping or scratching the hardwares.

    5).Do not spill the corrosive solvents onto the door control hardwares.


    2. Regular inspection and maintenance


    (1) .Check


    Under the normal conditions,we should check whether the hardware is complete every half year , whether the fixing screws are loose, and whether the function is qualified.

    If the frequency of use is high,should shorten the inspection cycle.

    The following points should be highlighted:

    1).Check whether the hardware is rubbed against the door or door frame,and whether the door is deformed and loose.

    2).Check whether the hardware containing the hydraulic oil is leaking oil,whether the closing speed of door is too fast,whether the cement box of floor spring is accumulating the water.

    3).The evacuation door should be regularly checked, whether the opening angle meets the design requirements, whether the function of the escape push bar device is qualified, and whether the opening process is smooth.

    4).Check if the battery of the electrical hardware with battery is under voltage.

    5).Check if any foreign matter is on the surface of the electromagnetic lock, and check whether the lock tongue is flexible or not when the electric lock is closed.


    (2) .Maintenance

    1).Clean the hardware to ensure the surface is clean. In routine maintenance cleaning, should use the neutral detergent to clean and dry the water stains at the end.

    2).The functional abnormity of the control hardware caused by the change of temperature, humidity or air pressure, should be adjusted by the professional people.

    (Note:The door control hardware is usually made by raw materials,such as the stainless steel,carbon steel,die casting zinc alloy,aluminum alloy,engineering plastic.When clean the hardware,if use the non-neutral solvent to clean,the hardware is very easy to be corroded which will influence the appearance of the hardware,and their using function and service life.)
    3).Electrical hardware--Daily maintenance should be carried out by an electrician.

    --The electrical hardware which is often used should be maintained every three months.

    --Check whether the operation of the electrically controlled casement door opener is smooth,whether the noice is correct,whether the function is acted normally,and whether the connector is loose or not.


    Why the stainless steel is rusty?When the spots(dots) appear on the surface of stainless steel,people are very surprised: "Stainless steel is not rusty, if it is rusty,it is not stainless steel.If so,there should be something wrong with the steel." In fact, this is a lack of understanding of stainless steel.Stainless steel is also rusty under the certain conditions.


    Stainless steel has the ability to resist atmospheric oxidation--the corrosion resistance. But its corrosion resistance is related to the chemical composition, processing state, use conditions and environmental agent of its steel.Such as the 304ss,under the condition of dry and clean,it has the absolutely excellent anti-corrosion ability.But if it is moved to the seaside area with amount of forg containing salt,it will be rusty very quickly.While the 3016ss is performed well.Thus,not all kinds of stainless steel can resist the corrosion,and under the special environment, it will be rusty.


    There is a very thin and strong and stable chromium-rich oxide film (protective film) formed on the surface of the stainless steel to prevent the oxygen atoms from continuing to infiltrate and continue to oxidize, thereby obtaining the ability to resist the rust.If some reason appeared, the film is constantly destroyed, oxygen atoms in the air or liquid will continue to infiltrate or the iron atoms in the metal will be continuously separated,forming the loose iron oxide, and then the surface of the metal will be continuously rusty.


    There are many situation to damage the film with such film,the following are common in daily life:

    1) .The surface of the stainless steel contain dust or foreign metal particles containing other metalic elements. contains deposits of dust or dissimilar metal particles containing other metal elements.

    2) .In the humid air, the condensed water between the attached material and the stainless steel, will let these two connected into a micro battery, causing electrochemical reaction and then the protective film will be destroyed,that is called electrochemical corrosion.

    3) .The surface of the stainless steel adheres to the organic juice (such as melon, noodle soup, etc.), and in the condition of water and oxygen, constitutes an organic acid, and the organic acid corrodes the metal surface for a long time.

    4) .The surface of the stainless steel has the adhesion contains acid, alkali, salts (such as the walls of alkaline water, limestone water spray) which will cause the localized corrosion.

    5).In the polluted air(such as the atmosphere containing lots of sulfide,carbon oxide,nitric oxide),when they meets the condensed water, which will cause the sulfidic acid,nitric acid or acetic acid with the strong corrosive performance.


    The situations as mentioned above can damage the protective film which is formed on the surface of stainless steel,and cause the corrosion.Thus,in order to keep the surface of metal clean and bright and not being corroded,we have some advices.

    1) .The decorative stainless steel should be often cleaned and removed the attactment on the surface to eliminate the outer factors causing the corrosion.

    2).In the coastal area,should use the 316 stainless steel,because the 316 stainless steel can resist the corrosion of seawater.


    According to the above situations,we can check whether there is oil leakage of the hardware containing the hydraulic oil(the hardware containing hydraulic oil is mainly including the door closer, upper and bottom floor spring) or not regularly,check whether  the closing speed is too fast and the cement box of floor spring is hydrated.Also,the surface of stainless steel should be cleaned by the neutral liquid.






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