• What are the Advantages of Intelligent Lock Compared with the Mechanical Lock

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    • Time: 2018-01-18
  • As we all know that the door hardware accessories like door lock is one of the important safety measurement to ensure the safety of the family and property in the daily life.In the past,we used the traditional lock to install on the house door.With the development of the technology,the intelligent lock has been came out.Since the beginning of 21st century,the intelligent lock has been widely used.The difference between the traditional mechanical lock and intelligent lock is the user identification,security and management of the intelligent lock.Compared with the traditional mechanical lock,what are the advantages of the intelligent lock .Please  check the introduction as followed.
    Compared to the ordinary mechanical lock,the intelligent lock is possessed with the automatic electronic induction locking system.And it will sense the door automatically when the door is closed,and then the system will lock the door automatically.And the intelligent lock can be opened through the fingerprint,touch screen and the lock card.
    The traditional mechanical lock has no special concern on its appearance,but the current intelligent lock is more concern on it,thus,it is more suitable for the taste of the modern people.
    3.The beauty and fashion
    Different from the design of the traditional mechanical lock,the design of intelligent lock is closely follow the trend of the times,which is using the simple and smooth lines to outline the lock body,and add a variety of colors on the fine surface treatment.These will let the intelligent lock more beautiful and generous,and will suitable for many decoration styles.The design of intelligent lock are coinciding with the modern people in the pursuit of aesthetic and fashion which is in premise of ensuring the utility of the products.
    Quick and easy
    Opening door with key can solve the worries about losing the key or forgetting carrying the key in the dairy life.Unlike the traditional key,there are many kinds of opening doors for the intelligent lock,such as fingerprint,password.Without trouble of finding the keys in the bag and embarrassment of losing the key,people can open the door easily with inputting the password or fingerprint.
    5.The anti-theft
    Using the lock is to protect the private property and safety of people,thus,the security of the lock is the theme of lock.Opening the door,should use the key,but the key of intelligent lock can be the sensor card which is possessed with the permission management and track-proof.And when the sensor card is lost,the corresponding code in the permission can be deleted,so the sensor card cannot open the door also and the security is guaranteed.Based in the specialization of the id technology, and the impossibility of reproduction,the safety of the door is very high.And at the same time,At the same time, the combination of passwords can be set up in person,so that the burglar cannot be enter the house.





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