• Let's Talk About The Hardware Together -- Building Door And Window Hardware Handle

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  • Let's Talk About The Hardware Together --  Building Door And Window Hardware Handle


    In the field of engineering, the fork handle is the most widely used, so the following will introduce its performance requirements (standard), specifications and selection, and other aspects.

    3h-hardware-handle 1.png

    1. Performance requirements of the fork handle

    The fork handle also belongs to the handle for the transmission mechanism. The implementation standard is "JG/T124-2017 Building Door and Window Hardware - Handle for the Transmission Mechanism". There are 4 main mechanical performance indicators: operating torque, repeated opening and closing. , torsion and tension.

    3h-hardware-handle 2.png

    2. Specifications and selection of the fork handle

    This time, we also share some experience and insights in work and practical applications in detail. First of all, the fork handles are divided according to the window type used, which can be divided into inward opening handles and outward opening handles.

    Inward Opening Handle

    Because the mounting surface of the profile is relatively large, the handle with a seat width of 30mm and 32mm is generally used. This handle with a seat width is not only elegant, but also often has a better operating experience.

    Outward Opening Handle

    Due to the different sizes of the profile mounting surfaces, the seat width specifications are 24mm, 28mm, 30mm and 32mm. The fork is relatively close to the edge of the handle, and the excessively long exposed length may cause the handle to be more easily damaged, so it is more recommended to use the combination of the square shaft handle and the transmission lock box.

    3. About the Appearance

    Our handles  have a variety of matching styles, because everyone's favorite styles may not be the same, so we show our best-selling handle for you here.

     3h-hardware-handle 3_1

    3h-hardware-handle 4

    The above is our some experience on the handle in daily work and study, I hope it can also give you some inspiration, how to identify and choose the right fork handle.

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