• Innovation Builds The Future, Ingenuity Creates Brilliance |3H Hardware Won Three Honors Of FBC Award !

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    • Time: 2022-07-25
  • Innovation Builds The Future, Ingenuity Creates Brilliance |3H Hardware Won Three Honors Of  FBC Award !


    On July 20, the list of winners of the 5th FBC Award for Building Door, Window and Curtain Wall Industry was officially announced! With its high-quality supply side that insists on intensive cultivation, high technology, precision and efficiency, low-carbon and environmental protection, as well as its strong strength to continuously promote the development of the industry, 3H has won the following industry awards:

    1►Industry New-Prominent Leadership

    2►Technology Research and Development Innovative Products---Inward Opening Fireproof Window Hardware System

    3►Industry Influential Brand Top List---3H Hardware

    3h-hardware-won-three-honors-of-fbc-award 1

    In addition to meeting the requirements of relevant specifications and industry standards, the FNPC03 inwards opening fireproof window hardware system also takes into account daily use. All parts except the handle are installed without machining profiles; the hidden installation of fire-resistant concealed hinges is beautiful and effectively ensures the sealing performance of the whole window system.

    The window sash transmission part is equipped with an automatic locking point. When the system is automatically locked in case of fire, it can effectively isolate the strong smoke and gain more time for fire rescue.

    3h-hardware-won-three-honors-of-fbc-award 2

    In the future, 3H HARDWARE will adhere to the concept of "win-win cooperation and harmonious development", always adhere to the first echelon of the innovation front, and strive to make accurate, efficient and intelligent manufacturing of building hardware system technology. Create value for construction!




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