• Fearless Of Extreme Environments, Providing Great Performance! Get To Know Meirun Silicone Composite Strips Together

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    • Time: 2022-07-29
  • Fearless Of Extreme Environments, Providing Great Performance! Get To Know Meirun Silicone Composite Strips Together


    In the industry, there are four "resistance" requirements for sealing strips: good weather resistance, good aging resistance, good ozone resistance and good cold resistance. In this way, it can be called a high-quality sealing strip.


    Foshan Meirun Rubber & Plastic Technology Development Co., Ltd.,is the subsidiary company of 3H GROUP.We uses soft and hard silicone rubber and skeleton composite extrusion, or uses foam compact rubber and skeleton composite extrusion three-composite rubber strip, which can be used in extreme environments of -80 ° C ~ 200 ° C. It plays a sealing role, has good resilience, small deformation, is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, has excellent weathering resistance, good quality and excellent performance, and is widely used in daily production.


    Meirun silicone composite strip includes: 1. soft silicone, hard silicone and frame; 2. foamed silicone, dense silicone and frame; 3. soft silicone and hard silicone; 4. foamed silicone, dense silicone.


    Installed on doors and windows, the silicone rubber strips can play a sealing role in extreme environments of -80 ° C ~ 200 ° C, sound insulation, heat insulation, waterproof and dustproof.And the silicone composite rubber strip has good resilience, small deformation, environmental protection, non-toxicity, excellent weather resistance, and can be customized in various colors.


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