• Unlock the Highlights of the Exhibition in Advance, 3H Hardware will Bring You a Wonderful First Look

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    • Time: 2022-03-10
  • Unlock the Highlights of the Exhibition in Advance, 3H Hardware will Bring You a Wonderful First Look


    From March 11st to 13rd, 2022, the 28th Aluminum Doors Windows and Curtain Wall New Products Expo will be held in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo Center + Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center.

    3H Hardware, as a professional one-stop solution provider for door and window hardware accessories in China, will once again appear at the Guangzhou WINDOOR Door, Window and Curtain Wall New Product Exhibition. Let’s  unlock the highlights of this exhibition in advance!

    Highlight 1: 2022 new product trend keywords

    Hitech + Digitalization + Intelligence + Energy Saving and Low Carbon

    According to the information disclosed at the 2022 WINDOOR Door Window and Curtain Wall New Product Exhibition, this exhibition will integrate "digitization + intelligence", and it will be full of "Hitech"!

    In 2022, 3H hardware will focus on building a Smart 4.0 production line, with the help of the human-machine intelligent manufacturing system, to solve the customized, flexible and standardized production of door and window hardware accessories, and make every effort to enter the era of digital intelligence; energy-saving and low-carbon products have become a new outlet,3H hardware as a pioneer of green building, we continue to increase investment in product research and development and technology, create green, low-carbon and environmentally friendly products, and continue to empower green and healthy living.

    3h building

    Highlight 2 AT World Architecture Design and Technology Polaris Award

    The Polaris Award is based on the concept of "only innovation is eternal" and selects the annual innovative products of the construction industry. It is the largest and most authoritative award in the field of construction that focuses on promoting innovation.

    3H Hardware's patented product "Inwards Bottom-hung Locking System Hardware" with its innovative design concept and excellent product performance has won the unanimous approval of the review experts, and won the 2020-2021 "AT World Architecture Design and Technology Polaris Award" ”, has attracted the attention of the industry!Which product will be awarded in 2022,let’s think about it.

    window hardware

    Highlight 3 Minimalist Technology Pavilion Immersive Interactive Experience

    Minimalist industrial style, a large-scale visual sense in minutes, a large space and artistic atmosphere that can be felt through the screen; simple and pure white and green, just the right layout and white space, every corner of the 3H hardware exhibition hall, They are all suitable to be your "Internet celebrity check-in point"!


    Around the design of the technology exhibition hall,3H Hardware first considers the correlation between the exhibition hall and the audience. The audience is in a state of visiting and moving in the exhibition space, and they experience and obtain the final space experience during the movement. Therefore, the interaction is to connect the exhibition hall with the audience. The open negotiation area gives the exhibition hall a human touch. 3H Hardware hopes to build a bridge of communication with visitors, hoping that visitors can resonate with the space.


    Look forward to it together!Shining 3H

    Address:Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo Center

    Booth:Hall 1 1C01

    Time:March 11st to 13rd

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