• Why does 3H Hardware invest 1 billion Yuan to upgrade intelligent manufacturing?

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    • Time: 2022-03-02
  • Why does 3H Hardware invest 1 billion Yuan to upgrade intelligent manufacturing?
    -- Interview with Liu Xuelin, GM of 3H Market Strategy Department,
    Recently, 3H Hardware invested 1 billion yuan to upgrade the original factory and build a new intelligent factory. The renovation and new construction projects include replacing original equipment, introducing intelligent manufacturing system operation lines, iterating process upgrading, and building a new intelligent factory in the land of Sanshui Zhichuang Industrial Park which covers 60,000 square meter, which is expected to be completed in two years.This transformation is not only a huge amount of engineering, cumbersome process, but also a huge investment, time-consuming and laborious. Why does 3H Hardware do this?
    1. Long-term strategic investments based on the future
    "This is a long-term strategic investment based on the future," Liu Xuelin, general manager of 3H market strategy department, said in this interview. 3H's positioning is to standard the international first-class automatic production, and become the international top hardware manufacturer. Based on the current product application, manufacturing, information management, rapid service response, customer experience and other factors, 3H decided to improve the complete product strength and enterprise organization and operation capacity through intelligent upgrading, to build a high-quality advanced representative enterprise."
    We visited some advanced hardware manufacturing enterprises in Europe, in its production workshop, mainly rely on equipment for production, highly intelligent production to reduce the dependence on workers, greatly improve production efficiency and accuracy. It has always been the goal of 3H hardware to catch up with international first-class products. The expansion of the plant to upgrade the intelligent, is based on the long-term consideration of the future development of 3H hardware.
    2. Give play to the leading role of head brand demonstration of hardware field in China
    In the past two years, due to the impact of COVID-19, market uncertainties have increased, while exposing the shortcomings of traditional manufacturing industry. The national "14th Five-Year plan" intelligent Manufacturing Development Plan, clearly put forward the "14th Five-year Plan" period of China's intelligent manufacturing guiding ideology, accelerate the pace of manufacturing digital, network, intelligent transformation.Liu xuelin said: "Although the current market environment is not ideal, but it is also the best time for enterprises to practice their internal skills. Take advantage of this period to do a good job in manufacturing and products, iterate and improve, so in the next three or five years, the enterprise will have the strength to start first. 3H hardware, as the leading brand of the first echelon of the domestic hardware industry, has been deeply engaged in the hardware industry for many years. Under the guidance of the national policy of advocating the development of intelligent manufacturing, 3H hardware should take the lead and lead the industry development.
    3. High-quality development is the trend of The Times
    As we all know, in recent years, China's consumption upgrading continues to accelerate, and constantly promote industrial upgrading, thus promoting high-quality economic development.  And the continuous deepening of high-quality development, but also put forward higher requirements for the production and products of enterprises, will lead to a great adjustment of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. Now, this adjustment has permeated all industries.
    For the real estate industry, Liu Xuelin believes, "In the future, China's real estate industry is likely to be compatible with part of the new home decoration market. At present, home decoration doors and Windows products are significantly more high-end than project doors and Windows, personalized is also stronger, but with the promotion of high quality development, real estate companies will pay more attention to the quality of doors and Windows supporting products, will speed up the compatibility of home decoration doors and Windows and project doors and Windows. The crowd of high-end buyers will directly scrap the original project doors and Windows, re - install senior luxury doors and Windows.
    For this point, many real estate design and product person in charge also said that the second renovation of doors and Windows is actually a waste of pollution. In the future, developers will consider and achieve doors and Windows in one step in the design, to meet the high quality of home decoration doors and Windows and design function classification positioning needs. Many real estate developers have set up a special team for this, and actively promote the upgrading of real estate supporting products.
    In the future, doors and Windows brand is expected to become the differentiation of real estate companies "selling points". This trend can not only avoid waste of resources, but also meet consumers' demand for high quality. Product of door window carries file upgrade, if the hardware product of form a complete set with it wants to occupy the market continuously, must improve product quality subsequently. In order to meet the high quality demand of real estate enterprises, the standardization and customization of high quality door and window hardware products under the environment of large scale and large collection can meet the high quality demand of real estate enterprises. The intelligent transformation of 3H hardware is the inevitable choice under the trend of high quality development.
    4. Develop new retail channels for home decoration doors and Windows
    The product power of the enterprise includes two aspects, one is advanced, one is representative. The so-called advanced refers to the leadership of the product technology in the industry, and representativeness refers to the popularity of the product. 3H hardware not only has high cost performance, good product application, and sales are among the best, with a strong product force. In China door and window hardware industry, annual sales amount to 2 billion yuan of above door and window hardware manufacturing enterprises only two, we are one of the two.
    After the transformation of the headquarters production base, all factories and process manufacturing can realize intelligent manufacturing. Through this expansion, 3H will not only further strengthen the r&d and design capabilities of the headquarters, but also further expand and improve the sales network. Now, Chinese hardware brands have gradually won the recognition of buyers and users around the world.
    After high-speed development, We have the full catagories, especially in the field of doors and Windows accessories, we have door and window handles, doors and Windows hinges, sliding support, locks, rollers, tilt-turn system, lift and sliding system, bi-fold system hardwares, etc. 3H brand sincerely invites global distributors to join us, we will provide one-stop product s solution for you. You are in charge of market development and we are in charge of product supply, Let's work together to make this hardware creer bigger and stronger. Win-win cooperation and harmonious development!

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