• How Many Types Of Door And Window Hinges Do You Know?

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    • Time: 2022-08-22
  • How Many Types Of Door And Window Hinges Do You Know?


    For doors and windows of different specifications at home, you can't just buy one size hinge. You need to choose the suitable hinge according to the size of the installation location, otherwise the function of the hinge will not work.


    Door and window hinges come in a variety of styles and sizes. In terms of style alone, they can be divided into more than ten kinds of ordinary hinges, H-shaped hinges, window hinges and cross hinges, not to mention the choice of each hinge size.

    Although there are so many types of door and window hinges, there are several types of hinges that are often used in home decoration. The most common is a 4-inch hinge, that is, a 4*3*3 hinge. 4 refers to a length of 10 cm, 3 refers to a width of 3 cm, and 3 refers to a thickness of 3 mm. This common hinge is most commonly used for doors in a variety of rooms, including bedroom doors, bathroom doors, and more.


    In addition to ordinary door and window hinges, another kind of butt hinge that can be installed directly without grooves is also popular, but due to its different structure, it is more suitable for light-weight doors and windows, such as paint-free doors and bathroom doors.

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    The size and style of door and window hinges should be adjusted and combined according to the location and function of doors and windows. In order to save time, all doors and windows should be decorated with hinges of uniform specifications. Moreover, the use of doors and windows in life will be more convenient and smooth.


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