• How To Install The Door And Window Hinge?

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    • Time: 2022-08-29
  • How To Install The Door And Window Hinge?


    Seems that many people watched the videos about a skilled person to install the hinge,but do you know more details about how to install the door and window hinge?Let 3h hardware to show you.

    1. According to the size and weight of the door sash, determine the number of hinges to be installed on each door, and mark it on the door sash line. For heavy doors, 3mm thick, four node stainless steel hinges are recommended.

    2. According to the number and size of the hinges installed on the door sash, draw a line at the corresponding position of the door frame.

    3. The slot on the door sash. The depth should be determined according to the thickness of the hinges and the gap between the two hinges. Generally is the thickness of hinge.

    4. Slotting the door sash to the thickness of hinge

    5. Fix the hinge to the door frame with two screws.

    6. Align the door with the door frame, fix each hinge on the door sash with two screws, try to open the door sash, and check whether the door sash is installed well. After proper adjustment, tighten all screws to secure the door.


    If you want to know more installation methods of door and window hardware accessories,please let me know.We can talk about it next time.


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