• Let's Talk About The Hardware Together -- The Performance Requirements of Building Door And Window Hardware Handle

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    • Time: 2022-08-31
  • Let's Talk About The Hardware Together -- The Performance Requirements of Building Door And Window Hardware Handle


    In the field of engineering, the fork handle is the most widely used, so let's introduce its performance requirements (standard) Performance requirements of the fork handle:

    The fork handle also belongs to the transmission mechanism handle. The implementation standard is JG/T124-2017 Building Door and Window Hardware - Transmission Mechanism Handle. There are 4 main mechanical performance indicators: operating torque, repeated opening and closing , torsion resistance and tensile resistance .

    1. Operating torque: For the handle with positioning function, the operating torque at the positioning point is not more than 4N·m, the non-positioning point is not more than 0.8N·m, and the torque difference between the positioning point and the non-positioning point is not less than 0.4N·m.

    Simply speaking, it’s accurate positioning and smooth rotation.

    handle performance

    2. Repeated opening and closing: After the handle with positioning function is opened and closed repeatedly for 25,000 times, the operating torque still meets the above requirements, and the deviation between the positioning position and the original design position is less than 5°. 3H HARDWARE fork handles are tested with 50,000 times as the testing standard, which is twice the industry standard requirements, and the durability of the handle is very guaranteed.

    3. Torsion resistance and tensile strength: The handle with positioning function will not be damaged under the action of a torque of 25N m, and the axis deviation of the handle is less than 5°. It will not be damaged after being subjected to 600N tensile force, and the maximum permanent deformation of the handle end is less than 5mm.


    In addition to the above-mentioned industry standard indicators, in product production and practical application, there are also some feedbacks from customers that some handles in the market shake up and down greatly when they are not loaded, and the left and right swing is obvious. Therefore, 3H HARDWARE handle is specially formulated to apply 15+2N at the 2/3 position of the handle after assembly at 0° or after rotating 90° at no load, the left and right deflection of the handle axis and the center line of the base ≤ ± 1°, the end of the handle The standard of shaking up and down ≤ 2mm is a reference for peers and friends.

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