• Rubber Product Performance Characteristics And Applicable Scope (2)

    • source: 3H;
    • Time: 2017-09-29
  •   Third characteristic of TPE/TPV/TPO thermoplastic elastomer
      The raw material granule is mixed by santoprene from USA, AUPTO from Nanjing(China) and Dawn from Shandong(China), using drying and heeating extrusion and some other manufacturing techniques. Hardness is about 55-85A, which fully meet customer demand.
      It has an excellent resilience and compression morphotropy, its environmental resistance and ageing resistance are the same with EPDM, also the oil resistant solvent resistance are as good as general purpose chloroprene rubber.
      The rubber is with good elasticity and tactility. Non-toxic, no pollution, low carbon makes it environmental friendly. Physical performance:50-80A. High temperature resistance up to 130-150 degree, won’t break under-60 degree.


    Four characteristic of PVC/NBR
      The material granule is mixed by PVC resin-oatmeal and P83 nitrile rubber and plastic, so its shock resistance and elongation at break are both better than PVC, the cost performance is very good. Physical performance:55-85A, temperature range is from -30-90 degree. 

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