• Rubber Product Performance Characteristics And Applicable Scope (1)

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    • Time: 2017-09-29
  • Five Sponge composite seal(EPDM) Features:
      The main strip material Selection is based on Lanxess, Mitsui, Kumho and other manufacturers of raw rubber EPDM, microwave curing process forming a production line.
      Has good flexibility and resistance to compression, weather resistance, ozone resistance, chemical stability, excellent electrical insulation properties and wide temperature range(-50-+150 degree),  excellent performance.


    Secondly, sponge foam has a good waterproof, dust, noise, compartment temperature, damping effect can be applied to a variety of doors and windows and other needs sealing, buffer areas. The foam hardness range: 20 to 80 degrees; low density: 0.40-1.00g/cm. The material properties of the implementation of “GB/T 24498-2009 building windows and doors, curtain wall sealing strip.” Dimensional tolerances execution “GB/T 3672.1-2002 rubber tolerances-Part 1: Dimensional tolerances”.


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